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Sky Kennel 100

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Size: Small

Pet's information
Breed: Boston Terrier
Length: 72 cm
Height: 58 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Age: 14 months
Kennel Recommended: 100 Model
Kennel + Pet's Weight: 18 kg
Airline: Delta


This kennel airline package includes everything required for pet airline travel or transport in cargo or luggage area of plane. No modifications are required. It is approved for domestic and international flights, and it's IATA/USDA/FAA Compliant.

** This product only ships flat rate, which is 7 to 10 days in the Contential US **
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It includes:
  • 1 - Kennel
  • 1 - Spill resistant food and water cup
  • 1 - Cut-to-fit absorbent kennel pad
  • 2 - "LIVE ANIMAL" stickers
  • 1 - Temporary Pet ID tag
  • 12 - Zip ties
  • 1 - Shipping identification sticker
  • All metal nuts and bolts required
  • Free shipping to Continental US

Key Benefits

  • Secure door latches and easy to operate. Four way ventilation
  • Heavy duty plastic shell and durable wire doors for strength and safety
  • Allows your pet to feel at home even when on the road
  • Meets airline requirements
  • Made from recycled materials

It meets airlines requirements:

  • It is of solid construction and composed of plastic and able to withstand rigors of normal transportation.
  • It is secured with metal nut-and bolt-type fasteners.
  • It is escape-proof with one metal grated door fastened securely to prevent accidental opening.
  • It is constructed with original or standard replacement parts.
  • It has handles or handholds on the exterior to lift without tipping.
  • It has a solid roof. It has ventilation slots maintaining the roof integrity intact.
  • It has adequate air ventilation. Vents are covered with permanent bars.
  • It is clean and leak-proof with absorbent bedding made of material that is safe and non-toxic to the animal.
  • It contains a food and water dish clipped inside the door to allow feeding without opening the door.